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The Difference Between Ammonia and MEA in Hair Color

It feels as if the past few years have been dedicated to bettering our personal beauty routines. From developing a strict regimen to seeking better, cleaner ingredients, it’s a trend that’s taken over our vanities while we’ve been stuck at home. And at Better Natured, it’s been no different.

We’re committed to formulating our products to be as “clean” as possible, while simultaneously ensuring they’re the best – and the most effective – they can be. And with that, we’re determined to be as transparent as possible about what’s going in your products. In other words, we’ll never lie to you about what you’re putting in your hair.

Ammonia vs. MEA In Hair Color - Better Natured


Does Better Natured Use Clean Ingredients?

While safety is a top priority of ours, so is efficacy. So that means using ingredients that get the job done and making sure they’re used in quantities that are just as good for you as they are for your hair.

Case in point: Ammonium Hydroxide, or Ammonia. We developed the Better Natured Liqui-Creme Color with the smallest amount of ammonia possible to achieve full-coverage results.

Even better, it’ll cover grays and deliver vibrant, rich color that lasts longer and applies better than those with ammonia-free formulas.

What’s Better, Ammonia Or MEA In Hair Color?

What does Ammonia do?

Ammonia is a gas used to open up the hair’s cuticle, that way permanent hair color can penetrate each strand. Because it’s a chemical alkalizer, it alters the hair’s PH level, allowing the formula to reach the strand’s cortex. Then, it evaporates – along with its harsh smell – leaving behind the dye. The result: bold color covers well and lasts long.

What ingredient do brands substitute for Ammonia?

MEA is the ingredient that many hair dye brands use in place of Ammonia. It’s a compound of alcohol and amine and uses a liquid or oil to make it adhere to the hair. But because the molecules are larger than those of ammonia, it doesn’t penetrate the hair the same way. This means not-as-great results with a chemical compound that doesn’t evaporate from the hair in the process.

Long story short, there’s a major reason why ammonia is the trusted ingredient in many hair dyes. And with the Better Natured Liqui-Creme Color, there’s no reason to worry about its reputation. We include quantities that are safe, effective and as clean as possible. Because at the end of the day, we’re all after the same goal: flawless color that covers and doesn’t fade.

Know The Facts

So, the next time you’re in the market for at-home hair dye, ask questions, read information, and learn about what you’re putting in your hair, this way you’re informed about the quality and quantity of the ingredients in your products. And we’ll make you a promise: we’ll never lie to you about what’s in ours.

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