HAIR CARE Beachy Texture Spray: What Does This Sea Salt Spray Do for Your Hair?

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Sea salt spray is the go-to styling product for the summer. You can go from day to night, cover greasy hair, and tame frizz whether you’ve spent the day on the beach or not. You only have to mist a few spritzes of sea salt spray into your hair, and you’ll be party-ready.

What Exactly Is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is hailed as the perfect solution to style your hair instantly. It contains salt that gives your hairstyle hold and creates subtle waves like you get when you step out of the ocean.

The hair product also works like dry shampoo that can be used to extend the life of your hairstyle between washes. However, unlike dry shampoo that helps clean your hair, sea salt spray is used exclusively as a styling product.

How Sea Salt Spray works

Salt from the ocean opens the hair cuticle and plumps the hair strands. It instantly gives your hair more texture and enhances your natural curls or waves, creating that beachy wave texture.

However, the good news is that you don’t need to take a dip into the sea to achieve this ultimate summer look. Texturizing hairsprays that are infused with sea salt can create perfect beachy hairstyles by building textured waves in your hair.

To get the biggest impact from your sea salt spray, it should be made with specific ingredients that will provide additional benefits to your hair. That’s why you should look for sea salt spray that includes water, magnesium sulfate, and essential oils.

Water: Any product claiming to be sea salt spray should be based entirely upon water. The blend should be made with more than 90% of water to get the perfect mixture. This way, the product will evenly distribute into your hair to create dreamy, volumized waves.

Magnesium sulfate (sea salt): Don’t sacrifice quality and always go for styling products that use real sea salt in their sprays. Sea salt has so many great benefits for the hair and scalp. For instance, it acts as an exfoliator to help reduce acne and ingrown hairs by opening up the pores and removing any oil or dead skin. It also improves blood circulation to increase hair growth.

Essential oils: Finding a styling product that contains a blend of sea salt and essential oils can do wonders for your hair. Essential oils hold antibacterial and cleansing properties that can improve the health of your hair and scalp. As well as making your waves smell great!

How Do You Use Sea Salt Spray in Your Hair?

Apply sea salt spray when your hair is damp to get the ultimate summer hairstyle. Some styling products, like our Better Natured Beachy Texture Spray, feature a pump so you can spray the product directly into your tresses. Sprits your hair and run your hands through from roots to ends. You can also mist the product onto your palms and finger comb or scrunch your hair to create texture.

Either spray through your hair and let it air dry or apply the spray to damp hair and comb through while using a blow dryer in a downward motion to achieve a voluminous blowout. However, if you have long hair, spritz towel-dried hair and twist your hair into sections. Or, if you have short hair, massage the spray into your hair and use your fingers to create your desired textured look.

You can also use sea salt hairspray on dry hair by working the product through your hair to create a wind-swept style. Spray the styling product from the middle of your hair shaft to your ends for extra volume.

Why You Should Use Beachy Texture Spray

There are many reasons why you should consider using sea salt spray in your hair. It has many amazing properties that can easily impact the style of your hair with a few spritzes. Here are 5 ways how the Beachy Texture Spray can add that necessary grit to your hair.

1. Make your fine hair appear thicker

You can boost your fine hair to make it look thicker and fuller with just a few spritzes of sea salt spray. If you have thin or limp hair, it can give your hair more volume and body without making it feel crunchy or sticky. Sea salt spray adds more grip to your hair to make it more manageable for styling.

2. Go from beach to dinner in a few spritzes

Step out of the ocean and be ready for a night on the town in seconds. A sea salt spray has the ability to transform your hair from a flat, wet mess to voluminous, tousled waves. Applying the spray while your hair is still wet adds more volume and keeps your hair from falling flat as it dries in the sun.

3. Extend the life of your perfectly undone wave

Sea salt spray absorbs oil in your hair and extends the time between washes. Overbrushing, overactive sebaceous glands, and heavy silicon-based products can affect your scalp’s oil production, which causes greasy hair. You can extend your beachy waves between washes with a sea salt spray. The salt soaks up excess oil to mask the greasiness in your hair.

4. Bring out your hair’s natural texture

Wavy and curly girls can enjoy all the benefits of sea salt spray as it brings out the natural texture of their hair. It’s the perfect product for taming their curls and adding definition. The sea salt boosts volume to make the curls bouncy and defined. While also giving your curls more hold and reducing frizz.

5. Look like you’ve gone to the beach

You don’t even have to go to the beach to get effortless beach waves. Your hair naturally dries in waves after you’ve had a dip in the ocean. Sea salt spray can imitate saltwater’s effect on the hair without even stepping foot in the ocean. So if you want to achieve the beach wave hairstyle without spending all day on the shore, spray some sea salt through your ends for effortlessly tousled hair.

What Makes It Different To Other Styling Products

Unlike other styling products, sea salt spray can add grit to your hair without any unnecessary synthetically derived ingredients. These usually include silicones that help to hold your style. However, they cause the hair to feel sticky when you run your finger through your strands. Styling products also tend to include alcohol, which is used to emphasize the scent of essential oils in the products.

Instead of using hair products that include silicones and alcohol, sea salt spray uses sea salt to add grit to style your hair. As well as organic ingredients that add a natural scent to the formula.

The Verdict

The sea salt spray is the one-stop solution for styling your hair if you want fresh-from-the-beach waves. No matter the length or style of your locks, you can achieve a day-to-night look with a few sprits to tame frizz, improve your natural texture, and soak up excess oil from the roots. As well as provide some much-needed volume throughout the day.

If you are looking for a high-quality and naturally-derived sea salt spray, then look no further than Better Natured. Our range of styling products is always formulated with the highest % of naturally-derived ingredients.

Achieve the “I woke up like this” style with the Better Nature Beachy Texture Spray that adds grit for perfect beach waves and brushable hold. There are plenty of other styling products on offer in our online shop for you to create a flawless hairstyle in minutes.

There’s no need to dive into the sea for beach waves when we have salty air in a bottle!

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