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Tips and Tricks to Get You Through the In-Between

Growing out your hair is no small task. The time, the patience, the in-between moments that feel like one bad hair day after another. We’ve all been there. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Growing out your hair can be a simple—and perhaps even fun—process. There are so many style options available to you as you transition to long, luscious, locks. Experimenting with different looks and vibes should be an adventure, not a chore. The main thing is to make sure you’re taking care of your hair along the way, nurturing it as you would a child, and loving it throughout its awkward stages. 

If you’ve been stuck in that in-between rut, fear not. We’ll cover some of the best tips and tricks to make you hair totally chic and fun in any stage. Next stop: gorgeous long locks. 

Basic Tips for Growing Out Short Hair

As you move through this journey, there are a few important things to keep in mind, regardless of the length and style you may be going for. Protecting your hair should be your top priority. These simple tips will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and encourage it to grow faster. 

1. Get Frequent Haircuts

Above all else—get frequent trims at the salon. This may seem counterintuitive, after all, you want to let your hair GROW. But trust us, your hair can only grow when it’s healthy, and untrimmed split ends are not good for the health of your hair. It’s only natural that the ends of our hair eventually become dry and brittle, leading to split ends. But it’s imperative to nip those dead ends before they can travel up the hair shaft. Once that happens, you have hair that continually breaks at the ends before it ever gets a chance to really grow. 

Tell your hairstylist that you are attempting to grow out your hair, and they can work with you to strategize the best plan of action. Stylists typically recommend a trim every 2 to 3 months, but your personal stylist will know your hair best and can recommend the right schedule. And, to make things even easier on yourself, go ahead and schedule your next appointment while you are still at the salon. Otherwise, it will be too easy to talk yourself out of it. 


2. Treat Heat Like the Enemy (Because it is!)

You’ve probably heard by now that heat damages the hair. When you are trying to grow out your hair, this is damage that you simply can’t afford. Remember those split ends we just talked about? Heat only makes that problem worse. Your most reliable method during this process is to avoid heat altogether. This is the time to embrace your natural waves, unruly curls, or straight hair that you disparagingly refer to as “stringy.” Try out heatless curling tools, pin curls, or wrap your entire head in a scarf each night to keep the frizz at bay. But whatever you do, avoid the heat. 

Have Patience!

There will undoubtedly be a few days on your hair growth journey where you almost throw in the towel. Your hair will feel so frustrating, you’ll be irritated that it’s always on your neck and shoulders, and you’ll want to go back to that cute little pixie of the past. Avoid the temptation! Hide your scissors. Tell your stylist to ignore you when you come in asking them to chop it all off. You can do this. Breathe. Show yourself (and your hair!) some grace. Your hair is doing the best it can. Just keep nurturing it. And when that isn’t working, put on a bucket hat and get on with your day. Before you know it, you will be where you want to be. 

Helpful Hair Growth Products

The good news is that there are whole arsenals of products out there to help you on this journey. You are not alone. The key is to find quality products with naturally derived ingredients. Your hair deserves the best, right? 

 Hair Masques

To get your hair growth journey started, you should definitely treat your scalp to a high-quality hair masque. Drench your strands in moisture and give them the boost they need to keep on growing. This hair masque from Better Natured is infused with protective liquids and feels totally luxurious. 

 Dry Shampoo

During this process, you’ll want to put your hair through as little as possible. That means not so frequent washings and limited styling. Dry shampoo will be your best friend. This non-aerosol powder will absorb all excess oil and give you a boost of volume on days when you desperately need it. No one needs to know you didn’t wash your hair today…or yesterday…or…😅

 Leave-In Cream

When it comes to nurturing your hair, there’s no better way to do it than with a leave-in nourishing cream. This lightweight leave-in is especially great for damaged hair or split ends as it mends and strengthens your strands. And—even better—the fruity floral scent will follow you around all day, making you feel as though you’re on some tropical vacation (and not in the middle of an awkward hair phase).

 Texture Spray

When your hair is feeling totally flat and hard to deal with, you’ll find yourself reaching for a texturizing spray. Adding grit and volume, this sea-salt spray will build some bounce to your tresses and give you those effortless beach waves. A texture spray is one of the best products to have on hand during the hair growth process; just a couple of quick sprays can get you out of a hair funk and add some energy to your day. 

Style Tips for Transitioning from Short to Long Hair

If you’re contemplating making the transition, go ahead and make peace with the fact that you’ll have some hairstyle stops along the way, especially if you’re starting from a pixie cut or shorter. Hopefully, you’ll be working with a great hairstylist who can walk you through the process and recommend the best looks for you. But if you’re going it alone, here are a few tried and true methods to make the most of the in-between. 

Bob It

Once you’ve had a decent amount of growth, ask your stylist for a bob haircut. Bob haircuts are fun and versatile! You can pull it up, leave it down, or a little bit of both. It’s also smart to get all your hair on the same length so it can continue growing together. Eventually, this will lessen the occurrence of the “awkward in-between” hair moments and keep all your locks on the same growth track. 

If you aren’t quite at bob-appropriate length yet, don’t get discouraged. Embrace transitional hairstyles like curtain bangs or a slightly more textured pixie. 

Bob Haircut - Better Natured


In this stage of your hair growth process, accessories can totally change the game. Barrettes or headbands can add a touch of class to any hairstyle, and they have the added effect of appearing intentional. Bobby pins—especially the more decorative ones—can keep random, unwanted strands of hair in place while also adding some personality to your look. Scarves or wraps are super playful accessories that work really well in the spring and summer months. And if you’re going through this process during the fall and winter? Hats, my friend. Hats and beanies will get you through the seasons. 

Protective Styles

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your hair healthy while it grows out and still maintain a sense of style. Braids are easy, protective, and can be worn in a variety of ways. Hair extensions are also an option but are best put in by your trusted hairstylist. If you really want to experiment and have some fun, purchase a few wigs! You might discover a style you like or just enjoy giving your natural hair a break. Be adventurous with your hair! You can do anything you want with it, have fun! 

Your Hair Growth Journey

Although it may seem like the in-between phase will never end, it absolutely will. Either you’ll eventually arrive at your target length, or you’ll decide you actually loved short hair and chop it off again. Whatever happens, your hair is just a small extension of who you are. Nurture it, have fun with it, and embrace it for all its quirks and nuances. Find a stylist you love, hair products  you trust, and a few styles you can always rely on. You got this.

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