HAIR CARE Better Natured™ Summer Hair Guide: Embrace Waves, Banish Heat, Coddle Your Color

by Lindsay Kustich

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Whether you’ve made it through a long, grey winter - or live in a warm climate all year long - summer is still summer. Time for sundresses, sandals, sunglasses and taking a break from straight, sleek hairstyles. Summer’s mantra is RELAX, and that goes for everything from your wardrobe to your beauty regimen. In summer, less is more. Focus on quality vs quantity. All you need for gorgeous, low-stress tresses is a few key products and these tricks of the trade.  

Beat the Heat

As the mercury rises, who wants to be stuck inside using hot tools? Save time, save energy and give your locks a much-needed break by skipping blow-drying and heat styling entirely. If that’s unrealistic for your hair type or lifestyle, cut back a few times a week instead. It’ll make a difference in the quality of your life (less time in steamy bathrooms!), and the health of your hair.

After shampooing and conditioning, bypass heat-protective styling products and opt for something light that will smooth the cuticle but not add weight. Better Natured Hydrating Leave-In Milk is the perfect multi-tasker for leaving your locks au naturel. 

Spritz the product all over towel-dried hair and use a wide-tooth comb (never a brush!) to work it through. This nourishing mist is an effective detangler that will help you avoid breakage. The natural, vegan formula is enriched with a mixture of Triple Plant Milk Blend and lipids to infuse your lengths with moisture, while smoothing, softening and adding healthy shine. Do a loose braid and go about your day flyaway-free. And if you hit the sheets with wet hair you won’t awaken to crazy bed-head. Pinky-promise. 

Catch a Wave

Nothing says sexy summer hair better than tousled, textured, I’m-not-even-trying waves. That perfect cocktail of Malibu, Montauk and Miami all rolled up into one... 

Depending on your hair type, it can be one of those looks that easier to imagine than achieve. Too much product and hair gets weighed down, looks greasy, and worst of all dries hard and crunchy. Too little product and things get frizzy, fast. Enter your new hair hero: Better Natured Beach Texture Spray. This sea salt-infused spray adds just the right amount grit, texture and volume to create piecy looks that are perfectly imperfect. 

Shake well, spray on the hair and gently scrunch up from the bottom to promote any natural wave or curl, or add light separation and lift to straight hair. Use on hair that's damp or dry and reapply as needed. The weightless, buildable hold allows you to refresh and rework your style from day to night. Let gentle ocean breezes do the rest!

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