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Winter is coming! That means holidays, holiday parties, and even a cozy evening in front of the fire! Your winter hair color doesn’t have to match the cold weather outside. Give your hair a rich and vibrant appearance that turns heads and grabs attention.

Want to know how to add different tones to your winter hue? Let us break down how golden brown, natural brown, and warm blonde shades add a burst of Good Clean Fun® to your hair color this season. 

3 Head Turning Winter Hair Color Shades

1. Golden Brown

Golden Brown (5G) infuses warmth and shine for a subtle, yet radiant golden brunette hue. If you are looking for a great color to warm up the winter season, you can't go wrong with golden brown. It is flattering for most skin tones especially as the weather cools down.

2. Natural Brown

Natural brown is a stunning, classic style. If you are looking for a rich brunette shade this winter, consider using Natural Brown (5N). This versatile dye is neither cool nor warm making it the perfect timeless color.

3. Warm Bronde

Warm bronde is the perfect transition when wanting to deepen your sun kissed blonde. This on trend color is a great way to stand apart from the rest and will be much lower maintenance then it’s lighter counterpart. If you love summer and don't want winter to get you down, our Medium Warm Beige Blonde (7WB) is an amazing color.

Finding the Right Color

Finding the right hair shade is not always easy. Whether you are looking for something that stands apart from the rest or prefer a classic color you’re at the right place. With 26 customizable shades, Better Natured Liqui-Creme Hair Color offers salon-quality hair color at home. We offer clean products that are free of silicones, SLS/SLES* and other toxins. Rather than damaging your hair, our conditioning formulas help keep your strands healthy-looking and vibrant. Discover your new hair color with our Hair Color Quiz!

SLS/SLES Sulfates = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

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