HAIR CARE Blow Drying Tips: The Best Way To Blow Dry Hair

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If you love that blown-out look your favorite stylist always delivers when you make a trip to the hair salon, you might be wondering how you can achieve that same look on your own. Developing keen blow drying skills could save you a load of money, and drying your hair the right way will also help it look better. Follow these simple tips on the best way to blow dry hair.

Invest in the Right Blow Dryer

It might be tempting to just pick any hair dryer that's available online or in the big box store near your house. However, like any tool, you get what you pay for. A cheap hair dryer may only have one heat setting. It may also lack speed controls. Choose a quality hair dryer that features ionic technology. Look for one that also includes a way to blow cool air toward your scalp. An ideal hair dryer should have at least three heat settings. You can get a hair dryer that meets all of these guidelines for under $50. High-end models may cost as much as $400.

Air- or Towel-dry First

Protect your hair's ends and your scalp by air-drying or towel-drying your hair before getting out the blow dryer. When your hair is mostly dry, you don't have to use as much heat to finish the job. The intense heat is what can make your hair brittle. It can also damage your scalp. If you choose to towel dry, use a patting or blotting motion rather than a twisting or kneading motion. Twisting or kneading wet hair may cause breakage or tangling.

Select the Right Towel

If you choose to towel-dry your hair, be sure to use the right type of towel. Dermatologists recommend a small, lightweight microfiber towel. These towels don't create as much tension or friction on your hair and scalp. The microfiber construction also reduces static that may make your hair frizzy. You could also try a microfiber turban. You wrap it around your head after bathing or showering. Within five minutes, your hair will be nearly dry and ready for the blow dryer.

Use Caution When Brushing

Avoid brushing wet hair. The pulling of the brush can break the hair strands. It's safe to use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. These combs should have teeth that are at least 1/4-inch apart. The wide-tooth comb helps you create the part in your hair. It also lessens tangling. Wide spacing minimizes any risk of breakage.

Choose the Right Brush for Blow Drying

Once your hair is nearly dry and you're applying heat, you can use a brush on your hair. It's important to choose the right type of brush for the thickness and texture of your hair. If you have straight hair, choose a round ceramic brush. People with curly or coarse hair benefit from a boar-bristle hair brush.

Pick the Right Styling Products

The best time to apply most styling products to your hair is before you use the blow dryer. When your hair is damp, it's able to absorb the styling gel, mousse or serum. The Better Natured™ Heat Styling Lotion is an ideal product for use with a blow dryer. You apply it to your damp hair, working it into small sections from the hair roots to the tips. Once you've applied the lotion, use the blow dryer on a medium heat setting. When your hair is dry, apply a light touch of additional lotion. The lotion protects, smooths and controls frizz for up to 96 hours.

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