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If you want to switch up your tresses but are hesitant about making a significant change, you can’t go wrong with bronde hair color. It’s an excellent choice for blondes looking to tone things down or brunettes who want to lighten up their locks. Bronde is a versatile, low-maintenance hue that is timeless, so you can embrace this shade no matter the season. Here’s how to get the bronde look with Better Natured®'s At Home Hair Color.

What Is Bronde Hair Color?

As the name suggests, bronde is a hybrid of brown and blonde, resulting in a natural-looking, multi-dimensional, sun-kissed hue. The hue is versatile because you can go lighter or darker depending on your desired result and hair color level. Bronde can appear warmer or cooler based on skin tone and preference.

What Is My Hair Color Level?

However, if you’re looking for ultra low-maintenance, go for a look that skews more towards the brunette side with hints of blonde. This way, you won’t have stark-looking roots as your hair grows out. 

How to Get Bronde Hair Color at Home 

The easiest way to achieve bronde hair with Better Natured® is with our at home hair color in either Light Ash Brown (5A) or Dark Ash Blonde (6A), depending on how light or dark you prefer your tresses to be. 

  • Those with dark or light brown hair can easily pull off 5A, which has trendy mushroom brown vibes minus the warmth.
  • Our 6A shade provides cool tones without going full-blown blonde. It’s best suited for those with medium and light brown hair.

Ready to get started? Follow our easy step-by-step all-over color instructions. Don’t forget to pick up crucial hair coloring accessories, such as a bottle or brush and bowl applicator, depending on the method you feel the most comfortable with. Still have questions? Reach out to one of our pros via contact form or by phone at 1-800-242-9283. 

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Bronde Hair Color with Face Framing Highlights

Another route you can take if you want a brighter bronde is to give yourself some bleach-free face-framing highlights. If your natural base is close to a 5A or 6A, you can use Medium Ash Blonde (7A) or Medium Natural Blonde (7N) to lighten your look. Check out our step-by-step instructions for achieving bold face frame highlights at home.  

How to Maintain Bronde Hair Color

Sure, bronde is a low-maintenance hue — but using our color treated hair products can help you maintain its vibrancy while keeping your strands in tip-top shape. 

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Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair care starts in the shower with our Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This dynamic duo helps maintain the radiance of your bronde hue for up to nine weeks* while leaving strands silky smooth and less prone to breakage.** 

*When used as a system with Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.
**Against combing breakage on damaged hair when using Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.

Familiarize Yourself with Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner for color treated hair elevates the conditioning experience by delivering an extra dose of hydration to help transform stressed tresses into lustrous locks. Our formula also nails down the depth, tone, and brilliance of your color-treated tresses for up to nine weeks.* Check out our post on How to Deep Condition Your Hair so your strands can reap all the benefits. 

*When used as a system with Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo two to three times per week.

Achieve a Beautiful Blend of Brunette and Blonde

Getting the latest on-trend looks with Better Natured® At Home Hair Color is easy! However, if you’re still apprehensive about achieving bronde tresses, take our Hair Color Quiz so you feel confident knowing you’re using the best shade to help you achieve your goals. 


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