HAIR CARE How to Keep Hair Color From Fading: 5 Helpful Tips

by Better Natured

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Whether you dye your hair at home or rely on the hands of a professional, there’s no denying the feeling associated with freshly colored tresses. Immediately your cut looks sharper, and your strands appear more voluminous. But what happens right after is vital for maintaining its vibrancy no matter which hue you choose. While there’s no denying that some shades are more challenging to maintain than others, the same rules apply when preserving color for the long haul. Ahead are five helpful tips to help keep your hair color from fading earlier than it should.  

Tip #1: Wait to Wash Your Hair After Coloring

After applying hair color, rinse well with warm water, then wash with shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Better Natured®'s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner —  it's also included in our hair color kits.

Permanent hair color opens up the cuticle, enabling it to receive pigment. So, to prevent hair color from fading, you need to allow enough time in-between your color sesh and first shampoo for your next shampoo so the cuticle can seal completely. 

Of course, we’re not suggesting you don’t shower up! Instead, use a shower cap and rely on a dry shampoo like Better Natured®’s Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder for a few days to keep hair voluminous and smelling fresh. 

Keep Strands Refreshed with Our Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder

Tip #2: Don’t Wash Hair with Hot Water

A warm shower after a long day is deeply satisfying. Still, cooler, tepid water is more merciful on colored tresses because it can help seal the hair cuticle instead of opening it up, making it easier for color to fade. There’s no need to take a freezing shower. Just watch the temperature, especially when shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing your hair. 

Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Featured: Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Tip #3: Only Use Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Speaking of lathering up, it’s crucial that you use sulfate-free, color-safe products to wash and condition your hair because sulfates (the ingredient that causes a foaming action in many shampoos) make the conditions that enable fading more likely. Look for products specifically formulated to help preserve color-treated hair, such as our Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This dynamic duo helps maintain the hair’s vibrancy for up to eight weeks, leaving strands shiny, smooth, and less prone to breakage. When shampooing, focus on your roots and condition from mid-shaft to ends.

Tip #4: Keep Your Tresses Hydrated

Adequate moisture is vital for keeping hair color from fading. The more porous your strands, the less they can lock in color. Sure, regular conditioning is helpful, but once a week, up the ante with a treatment, such as Better Natured®’s Moisture Replenishing Masque or Color Care Deep Conditioning Balm. Both are deeply hydrating and restorative formulas that help keep your color in check. Well-hydrated hair is also more lustrous, which brings out vibrancy. 

Additionally, lay off the hot tools when you can. As mentioned, high heat can accelerate fading.

Plan ahead, let your hair dry (perhaps shooting the roots with a bit of heat for volume), and straighten and curl when necessary. Extend your look with dry shampoo, keep your hair in a loose bun or braids when sleeping, and invest in a silk pillowcase to keep frizzies at bay. You can also experiment with cool tools like velcro rollers, flexi rods, foam rollers, ribbon wraps, and soft pillow rollers. 

Tip #5: Pre-Plan Your Next Color Session 

Permanent hair color should last approximately four to eight weeks before needing a refresh. Not only because the color may not be as vibrant but because you’ve got roots to touch up! Don’t wait until you’re completely hiding under hats and scarves. Mark your calendar with a reminder to schedule your next in-salon or at-home appointment to ensure your color looks fresh and brilliant no matter what life throws your way. To help make color care and maintenance even more effortless, sign up for our Subscribe and Save program and save 25%. You can cancel at any time, so you have nothing to lose!

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Time, effort, and budget are all top of mind when coloring your hair, so, of course, you want to preserve its vibrancy for as long as possible. It all starts with using the right products, such as Better Natured®’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. After that, it’s all about hydration and tweaking your washing and styling habits. If you want to change your hue upon your next session but are unsure where to start, take our color quiz for salon-quality advice. 

Find Your Ideal Shade with Our Hair Color Quiz

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