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Today’s beauty shelves can be a bit overwhelming. And if you’re interested in the ingredients in your hair care, you might be hanging out in the aisles a little longer than expected. Ingredients can be confusing – from the fine print, to the obscure, scientific names that you’ve most likely never heard of. And if you’re trying to decipher what’s naturally-derived* and what isn’t, well, good luck.

That’s why we’ve set out on a mission to make this part of the process easy for you. Because while there’s certainly no shortage of ingredients in our repertoire that are amazing for your hair, it’s our high standards and commitment to transparency that truly add to your hair care routine. So, how have we figured out how to simplify this impossible-to-navigate ingredient puzzle? It’s simple: we tell you what you’re getting and break down the mix of naturally-derived* vs purely science ingredients right on the front of the bottle.

What does “naturally-derived*” mean?

*We turn to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) when it comes to determining whether or not our ingredients are labeled naturally derived. So, according to Global ISO Standard 16128, “naturally derived” is defined as plant or mineral derived material and water which has undergone limited processing.

What does “purely science” mean?

While our goal is to develop products that are as naturally derived* as possible, science simply works – and so do science-backed ingredients. So in addition to the from-the-earth ingredients in our products, you’ll also find clean, synthetic ingredients that ensure the efficacy and stability of the formula.

So, how do you know which is which?

When you look at our ingredient lists, each of our naturally-derived* ingredients are labeled in green, while our clean, synthetic ingredients that are developed by science are listed in black. We believe in total transparency when it comes to our ingredients and educating you on what you’re putting on your hair, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to understand our products’ origins.

Case in point: Our naturally-derived* plus purely science mentality. Our goal is always to not only bring you the effective ingredients, but to also keep you informed about where those ingredients are coming from, how they ended up in your shampoo, and what good they’re doing for your strands. Because while earth-derived ingredients are great, so are some synthetic ones – and we’re happy to include what works best for your hair.

What % of your products are made from naturally-derived* ingredients?

In the Better NaturedⓇ line, the percent of naturally-derived* ingredients varies from product to product and ranges from 86% to 99%.

Why aren’t Better NaturedⓇ products 100% Natural?

It’s simple: we love science just as much as we love nature. And when it comes to your hair, there are some science-based ingredients that just work. Still, our goal is to create products that are as natural as possible – but when it comes to efficacy, we’re not down to compromise.

What’s the key ingredient in all your products?

One of our favorite ingredients you’ll notice in all Better NaturedⓇ products is our Triple Plant Milk Blend, which delivers high-performance conditioning benefits to the hair with almost every product. Everything from our shampoos, to our hair masks, to, yes - even our Liqui-Creme Permanent Hair Color contains these ingredients. We chose this blend because it is water soluble, more stable than oils, and so light that it can be used even on fine hair!

What’s in your plant milk blend?

This signature ingredient mix contains coconut milk, orchid milk and Tahitian palm milk, which are all 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and work together to deliver excellent conditioning benefits.

To learn more about the naturally-derived*, vegan ingredients used at Better NaturedⓇ, check out our ingredient glossary, here.

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