HAIR CARE Mushroom Brown Hair Color: How to Get the Look

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Bold hues like copper red and mauve hair color continue to trickle into 2023, but if you’re not feeling quite as adventurous (yet), why not try mushroom brown? Make no mistake — this is not a lackluster shade! It’s a supermodel favorite that, while inspired by a fungus, resembles a portobello mushroom's beautiful multi-colored neutral interior. We’re talking about earthy brown mixed with subtle shades of brown and silvery-gray, resulting in nothing less than a simple yet stunning look that’s relatively easy to maintain — and that’s where we come in. Ahead is everything you need to know about prolonging this sought-after, Instagram-worthy color trend.

Maintain Mushroom with Our Color and Care Products 

Mushroom brown is achieved with a combination of highlights and lowlights. While it falls relatively low on the maintenance scale, as with all color-treated tresses, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything to take care of those gorgeous, earthy locks.

Better Natured®’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner make maintaining those buttery brown and silvery gray tones easier. We replaced SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate) with clean synthetic surfactants that create a rich and luxurious lather that’s good for color-treated tresses. When used together, this dynamic duo keeps your hair color vibrant for up to nine weeks*, and hair is less prone to breakage**. 

*When used as a system with Better Natured Color Care Conditioning Balm.

**Against combing breakage on damaged hair when using Better Natured Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.

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Keep Hair Soft and Hydrated

Moisture Replenishing Hair Masque

Featured: Moisture Replenishing Hair Masque

Mushroom hair color looks stunning after it’s first done, but it can morph into a lackluster hue if you’re not adequately hydrating your tresses with a treatment on top of your regular conditioning. The more porous your strands, the less they can lock in color, so use a product such as Better Natured®’s Moisture Replenishing Masque one to three times a week. It’s infused with protective lipids that mimic those found naturally in soft hair, making the detangling and combing process 14 times easier. To use, work a generous amount through the hair and leave it on for three to five minutes before rinsing.

Better Natured®’s Color Care Deep Conditioning Balm is a color-safe deep conditioner that locks down brilliance, depth, and tone in color-treated hair for up to nine weeks**. It delivers serious TLC that helps return strands to their soft, shiny-looking glory.

**When used as a system with Better Natured Color Care Shampoo 2-3 times per week.

Style Mushroom Brown Hair Color Like a Pro 

Since mushroom hair color has several different tones, try choosing a style that accentuates your new hue. 

Use a curling iron, waver, or straight iron to achieve beachy waves, Hollywood waves, loose curls, bobbed waves, wavy ends, voluminous curls, side-swept waves, or good old-fashioned classic curls. Pair your style with our Heat Styling Lotion to help protect your hair during blow drying*. It delivers 96 hours of frizz control, and preps your strands for a soft, gorgeous finish that’s smooth, reshapable, and long-lasting.

*Against combing breakage during heat styling

Hot tools can cause hair color to fade faster because it dries out your strands, which makes them appear lackluster. Give your hair a break and accentuate its natural texture with Better Natured®’s Beachy Texture Spray. This sea-salt texture spray adds just enough grit and volume for beautiful fresh-from-the-beach waves with a light, brushable hold. 

Another great way to show off your mushroom-colored hair is with a braided style such as a French braid, waterfall twist, milkmaid braid, crown twist, faux fishtail, ’90s-inspired pigtails, a braided Rapunzel ponytail, or the volumized classic — and the list goes on. To ensure you have the volume at the crown, sprinkle on a little of our Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder. Along with being an incredible styling product, it’s also designed to absorb oil between washes and boost the life of blowouts without any trace of white residue. 

portrait long wavy hair

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Whether you want to maintain your mushroom look or try something new, Better Natured offers a variety of hair color products to meet the needs of every shade, tone, or trend you wish to pull off. If you’re unsure of how to transition your hair color or need help picking out a new hue, take our Hair Color Quiz

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