HAIR COLOR Permanent Vs. Semi-permanent Hair Color: What’s The Difference?

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How do you decide between permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color? We’ll break it down for you.

Permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color? That is the question. And when it comes to achieving opaque, ultra-vibrant color that lasts, we’ve got the answer for you. Here, we’re breaking down the difference between the three, so you can choose the one that’s for you based on your hair’s needs.

So, what does it all mean? Here’s the deal with the three types of color you’ll find on the market.

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Usually the vivid, fun colors that wash out of your hair, semi-permanent is a great go-to if you’re looking for a change that you don’t have to commit to long-term. Think the hot pinks, bright blues and straight-out-of-a-Crayola-box purples – these are the shades that get the most popularity among semi-permanent users, as well as your usual natural colors like brown, black and red. Typically, this method will last a few weeks to a month, fading quickly and eventually washing out entirely. The key differentiator here is that you’re simply adding dye on top of your existing hair color, which means that bright shades will show up brighter on blonde or lighter hair.

What is Demi-Permanent Hair Color?

If you’ve frequented a hair salon, you most likely know of this form of color as gloss or a toner. Demi-permanent hair color is used to enhance your hair’s natural pigment and is also used on top of permanent dye to alter the tone of highlights or dye. And similar to permanent dye, it lasts just as long. Think of it as the last step in your color routine – it adds warmth, coolness, or depth to already-bleached or dyed hair.

What is Permanent Hair Color?

You may already be familiar with Better Natured’s Liqui-Creme Color, which is a permanent formula. And as its name suggests – leaves the most impact on your hair out of the three types of dye. Permanent hair color, like the Better Natured Liqui-Creme Color, delivers the most opaque coverage, and also does the best at successfully covering grays. It also leaves the hair looking shiny, which is always a bonus.

So, what makes this color so much more vibrant? The difference between this format and the others is that you’re simultaneously lightening the natural hair, and depositing color on top of that lightened shade. And yes, this is the case even if you’re going from bright blonde to jet black.

Doing this allows the pigment to penetrate into the hair’s cuticle, making the vibrancy stronger and more long-lasting, while the others simply deposit color on top of each strand.

The next time you’re faced with the inevitable question, “permanent, semi or demi permanent,” there are a few things to consider.

First, how long do you want your color to last? If you’re looking for a very temporary or bright-colored change, go with semi.

Then, what kind of coverage are you looking for? If you want to just alter the tone of your hair, try demi-permanent. Whereas if you want opaque coverage, or you’re looking to cover grays, go with permanent.

And, no matter your choice, take care of it! A deep conditioning treatment like Better Natured Moisture Replenishing Masque will keep your strands healthy and hydrated, while a color-adjusting conditioner like Better Natured Color Correcting Cream will help maintain your hair’s vibrancy and tone.

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