HAIR COLOR Refresh Your Hair Color With Rich, Warm Brown Shades for Fall & Winter

by Lindsay Kustich

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Leather jackets. Apple cider. Pumpkins, fire pits and piles of autumn leaves. Now is the perfect time to consider freshening your hair color for the season – toning down leftover summer blonde bits and opting for something richer and reflective, like the dappled amber of the late afternoon sun.

This time of year is made for the Better Natured™ Liqui-Crème Hair Color Warm Beige (WB) series. These three versatile warm brown shades can be used to gently lighten dark hair or infuse a lighter base with subtle browns and beige accents for greater depth and dimension.  It’s the hair color equivalent of putting on a camel colored cashmere sweater – soft, luxurious and it looks good on everyone. 

Better Natured style expert and #betternaturedpartner Jennifer MacDougall gave us several different ways to incorporate these luxe shades into your at-home hair color repertoire. She agrees that the WB shades – 5WB, 6WB & 7WB - will give your hair “that glow and richness while still looking natural.” 

Insider Tips from the Color Pro

For a brunette who wants to add lighter tones, but not blonde highlights, to their locks the WBs are an ideal solution. According to MacDougall, a level 5 brunette with some grays, for example, could use 5WB – Light Warm Beige Brown - to touch up their regrowth at the roots, and then pull through to the ends. 

”This toasty shade spices up basic brown hair with a splash of warm beige tones,” she says, “and it works equally well if you have lighter ends or existing highlights.” Depositing additional complimentary tones creates dimension and “enhances what’s there by covering grays and delivering a highlighted effect with shine and shimmer.” 

On the other end of the shade spectrum, light, medium and dark blondes alike can use the WBs to weave in lowlights as a subtle transition to Fall/Winter. If you are a level 9 who typically buys 9N to cover grays at the root, MacDougall explains, continue to apply 9N on your regrowth. “Then, to weave in some deeper warm tones without adding darkness, I recommend using 7WB for lowlights.”  

This medium warm beige brings some toasty depth to blonde hair without adding any brassiness.  MacDougall advises starting with half a tube of Better Natured™ Liqui-Crème Hair Color which is enough to apply to 4-5 pieces on each side, plus behind the ears, and around the nape of the neck. “It’s up to you where you want the contrast to appear so be guided by your eyes and your instinct,” she counsels.  

If your base hair color is within two levels of 5, 6 and 7WB, these are beautiful, multi-dimensional shades to experiment with because the results work well on so many skin tones and eye colors. As MacDougal concludes, the Better Natured™ WB shades “are a nice way to go richer but not darker for the colder months.”

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