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HAIR CARE Top Three Hair Style Trends To Try Now

by Better Natured

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No doubt about it: 2020 has been a strange year so far.  And if one thing is for certain, going three months or more without a trip to the salon equals a lot of women ready to change up their locks. Since new hairstyles often call for a change to our styling regimens too, Better Natured spoke with two top hairdressers to get their take on what is trending in 2020.  

#1: Fringe Benefits 

Nothing can switch up your look quicker than adding a fringe. They open up the face, emphasize the eyes and give an instant French girl vibe. Bangs also come in multiple variations:  wispy, sideswept, blunt, choppy and the latest trend:  curtain bangs. 

If you’re drawing a blank, conjure up an image of Brigette Bardot and voila – le curtain bangs!  Like a pair of elegant draperies, this style of fringe is parted in the middle and sweeps elegantly off to each side.  Better Natured spokesperson Marcus Francis likes “slightly retro” curtain bangs because they “check all the boxes.”  They’re “less maintenance than blunt bangs, they work for all hair types and face shapes, and as they grow out, they transition into face-framing layers.”  

When it comes to product, less is more. Apply Better Natured Heat Styling Lotion on damp hair, saving your bangs for last.  Too much product will weigh them down, and heaven forbid they look the least bit greasy. “You want them to be tamed and smooth, with a little movement,” Marcus explains.  Tres simple, tres chic. 

#2: Lob Yourself  

According to LA-based celebrity hairstylist and #betternaturedpartner Amanda Lee, clients “are still loving a Lob!” The classic “Long Bob” haircut (or Lob) “looks good on almost every hair type and styling is a breeze,” she confirms.  Lobs have also solved many a hair dilemma. Tired of your long hair, but not ready to go short? Lob it. Want to quickly add a bit of edge to your medium-long style? Lob it. Have thick hair that never seems to grow past your shoulders? Lobs are made for you. 

While there are no strict ‘lob laws’, the general rule of thumb is that a lob grazes the collar bone. For Amanda, it’s a classic haircut that allows for some creativity. “I enjoy playing around with the length of a lob,” she says, “and I love doing them a bit longer with a blunt, straight across line. 

For maintaining your lob, she recommends using Better Natured Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by the Hydrating Leave-In Milk. A sleek lob with blunt ends looks best when the hair is smooth, soft and radiating healthy shine. Because the product formulas feature naturally-derived* ingredients and are free of sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfates that strip out moisture and silicone that leaves a heavy residue, “the hair looks amazing and feels clean and weightless.” 

#3: Modern Shag 

Forget what you think you know about shag haircuts. Blunt, choppy layers may have flattered David Bowie and Carol Brady back in the day, but they look tragically out of date to 2020 eyes. There’s also the shag’s unfortunate step-sibling - the mullet - but let’s not even go there.  

We’re happy to report that this enduring style has evolved and improved. Today’s modern shag embraces the hair’s natural texture, making it look softer yet still edgy, with gentle side swept bangs replacing full, heavy fringes. It’s a highly versatile cut that can work for many different hair types and is engineered to be low maintenance. 

According to Francis, today’s shag looks equally stylish air dried and messy, or blown dry with a little more volume and movement. For a cooler, messy shag, his go-to helper is Better Natured Beachy Texture Spray. “Spray this sea salt-infused product on damp hair, scrunch it in, and it’ll dry with piecey layers and a relaxed, tousled texture,” he says. 

If you plan to blow dry instead, “apply Heat Styling Lotion for thick hair, or Hydrating Leave-in Milk for fine hair,” Francis suggests. Both products deliver lightweight moisture, heat protection, and “will add some extra polish to your sexy shag.” 


*We hold ourselves to high standards and use the Global ISO Standard 16128 which defines naturally-derived as a plant or mineral derived material and water which is found in nature and has undergone limited processing. In the Better Natured™ line, the percent naturally-derived varies from product to product and ranges from 86% to 99%. 

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