1 Have Some Good. Clean. Fun.™ Every Day.

Don’t let a day go by without exuberant, healthy moments of creativity, fun and self-expression. Do more of what makes you feel good.

2 No Compromise Needed.

Products that have been tested by professionals and are proven to give you with salon-worthy results….that is our daily obsession!  Sacrificing performance? NO WAY.

3 Nature and Science Work Together.

We always use a synergistic blend of naturally-derived + purely science-based ingredients, that combined deliver healthy-looking, beautiful benefits. No lazy, do-nothing naturals or nasty, shady synthetics. Just performant professional-grade formulations.

4Always Tell the Truth.

A no-brainer, right? In the natural beauty category, there’s a lot of fudging the details out there. You deserve to know exactly what you’re using and why 100% of the time. As part of Zotos Professional, a 90-year young salon professional brand, we hold ourselves accountable to a high global standard on truth in and transparency in labeling.

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5 Celebrate Individuality and Diversity.

We are dedicated to inspiring the creativity of everyone who loves to play with their hair, whether it’s at the salon or the bathroom sink. Homogenous notions of beauty are boring: different people have different hair, needs, and desires. Everyone deserves to have professional-level fun with salon-worthy results. And we commit to using a range of models to represent our brand without regard to gender, size, background or belief.

6 Clean, Conscious Innovation Is the Future.

There is always a cleaner way that is better for the planet we share. And we’ll stop at nothing to find it, day in and day out. Our goal is to continue to improve our formulations over time getting each one as close to 100% naturally-derived as possible.