HAIR CARE 3 Easy DIY Halloween Hair Styles

by Better Natured

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Halloween is a great excuse to have a fun playdate with your hair. Whether you want to be a hippie, a witch, or travel back to the 1950s, your hair can look fabulous doing it. Fun hair accessories mixed with these easy boo-tiful styles will turn even the scariest ghost’s head.

Hippie Chick

To channel your inner hippie, you will want to grab your Better Natured® Heat Styling Lotion. Before you turn up the heat, squeeze a small amount into palms and work evenly through damp or dry hair. This will protect your locks against breakage when heating with hot-blow dryer (but not tested with hot tools at 450F) and humidity associated with humidity-frizz. Make sure your hair is fully dry before you grab your flat iron. We know what you’re thinking, a flat iron for waves? Place a section of hair in your flat iron, start where you want your curls to form. Close the iron and wrap the hair around the outside of your iron. Twist the iron and glide it from midshaft to ends. After styling, smooth a bit more of our Heat Styling Lotion onto dry hair with fingertips to keep flyaway at bay. Finish this look with a flower crown. Enjoy peace, love, and good hair all day long!

Pro Tip:

Amp up your texture and waves by prepping fine hair with our Beachy Texture Spray. Give it a shake, apply when your hair is wet, and allow hair to dry. Then, follow the steps above!


Witchy Waves

Cast a spell on anyone with these witchy waves. For this look, you will want to grab your favorite curling wand and your Better Natured® Beachy Texture Spray. Before applying, give it a good shake, and mist it onto damp hair. Allow your hair to air dry before wrapping your locks around your curling wand. Using a wand at least 1inch in diameter, work each section of hair in the opposite direction as the one before it. Once all your hair has been curled, run your fingers through to break up the waves. Grab your favorite hat and broom and fly into the sunset.

Pro Tip:

When using your wand, the larger sections you take, the looser your waves will be. They will loosen the more you comb your fingers through your hair.

Retro Girl

If you are more of a vintage girl and want to do a classic 1950’s style, this is the look for you. While your hair is still damp, apply a pea-size amount of Better Natured® Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder on your hair extending from midshaft to ends.  This silicone-free, dual-purpose serum melts into damp hair before styling & instantly enhances shine by over 2X* for a luminous, reflective finish. Allow your hair to dry and part your bang area. Start by creating a line above the center of your eyebrow, through your crown, and over to your other brow, and secure the section with a clip. Now section off your crown area, going no lower than the top of your ears. Split the crown into two horizontal sections and tease the bottom section, combing the hair upwards towards your scalp. When you have created the height you desire, shape the teased section and secure it with bobby pins. A bit of extra firm hold hair spray will secure this look all night! Next, release the top half of the crown section and lay it flat against your teased poof 😊 hiding it.

Choose a headband or scarf that matches your favorite retro outfit 😉. When securing your headband, you want to ensure that the height of your hair is behind your headband, and only your bang section will be in front. Once you have the hair behind your headband, secure it with bobby pins by laying it tight to your head and pinning it behind your ears. Apply a tiny bit of Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder to your front sections to give it a polished look. Now you’re ready to dance the night away!
Pro Tip: When it comes to Better Natured® Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder, a little goes a long way. Apply a little for a lot of shine and glisten.

When you decide what or who you will be for Halloween this year, do not leave your hair out of all the Good.Clean.Fun® you are having. If you try any of these styles, make sure to snap a pic and tag us on Facebook @ Better Natured or Instagram @BetterNatured and #Betternatured. We can’t wait to see your smashing looks!! 😊