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If you regularly dye your hair with at home hair color, you may stock up on more than one tube at a time so you’re always prepared to refresh your tresses at a moment’s notice. We don’t blame you! 

However, much like that mascara tube rolling around in your makeup bag for longer than you can remember, you may ask yourself, "Does hair dye expire?” Good question! Here’s how to detect whether or not your product is still safe to use, in addition to some helpful tips to properly store your color until you’re ready to use it.

So, Can Hair Dye Expire? 

The shelf life of unused Better Natured® At Home Hair Color is up to three years

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However, suppose you only use part of the hair color with the developer because your hair is short, or you whipped up a customized shade using two shades (goals!). If the partially used hair color is properly sealed with the cap and stored out of direct sunlight, it will be good for the next couple of hair color retouches. 

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As a general rule of thumb, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. 

How to Store Hair Dye

The best place to store your hair dye is in a cool, dark, dry place — not in direct sunlight or near heat — to negate the oxidation and breakdown of the formula. If you do this, you should be able to use it for the next 1 or 2 touch ups.

Also, this rule does not include mixed dye. After you finish applying your mixed dye, throw out any remainder from the bowl or bottle. 

Better Natured® At Home Hair Color is an easy and affordable way to achieve salon-quality hair at home! Our precisely calibrated technology allows you (yes, you!) the freedom to mix shades for a customized result. That means if you mix one ounce of 6G with one ounce of 8G, your result will be an exact 7G. Add 5N to 5RR to create a customized Natural Red shade to cover 100% gray hair for a beautiful natural-looking red shade result. Add 8G to 8NRG to kick up the Golden tones.

Whether you mix your own formula or use an all-over hue, use any hair color within the accepted time frame for the best results and store it properly to prevent oxidation. 

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