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Going for a new winter hair color this year? Before you dye your hair at home, we’re sharing the easy trick that’ll make sure you’ll love the results.

If you’re looking to color your own hair at home this winter, you’ve found the right hair color brand. At Better Natured, we’re determined to make the DIY color process as easy as possible. And while we’re here to guide you every step of the way, we know that you’re bound to have questions. For starters, “How do I find my shade?” Often followed by, “How do I even dye my own hair?” And let’s be honest; maybe the most notable – and important – question that’ll cross your mind is, “How do I know that I’ll like my new hair color?”

Well, there’s good news: We have all the answers for you – including a nearly-foolproof method for testing your Better Natured Liqui-Creme Hair Color shade before you commit.

Here, we’ll break down the steps for completing a strand test at home, that way you’ll be able to see exactly how your chosen shade blends with your unique hair color – and whether or not you’ll love the final result. (Spoiler: we’re pretty sure you will.)

Find Your Perfect Hair Color Shade

Before you get started, we want to make sure you’ve truly landed on your dream hair color. With our exclusive tools and expert resources, finding your hue is easy. Our hair color quiz will ask you all the questions necessary to get to the bottom of exactly what shade you’re looking for and the type of transformation you’re looking to make. And the Hair Color 101 guide is the ultimate crash course on hair color, with everything you need to know about levels, tones and beyond.

Even better? Our pros are at your fingertips via video call, phone, messenger or email, offering one-on-one consultations to help you find your shade.

So, once you’ve found your shade and deemed yourself an at-home color pro, here’s how to make sure it’s a match made in hair heaven.

How to do a strand test

Step 1:
Choose a quarter-inch, hidden section of hair – like behind your ear or at the nape of your neck. Leaving this section loose, secure the rest of your hair up in a clip or ponytail. Make sure the strand remains away from your skin and the rest of your hair throughout the process.

Step 2:
After applying gloves, use your brush and mixing bowl (or bottle) to combine just a dime-size amount of color with the same amount of developer. Blend them together until you’ve reached a smooth consistency.

Step 3:
Using your color brush, swipe the mixture onto your selected strand, ensuring the formula is massaged into the hair.

Step 4:
Ensuring that the hair stays away from your skin, wait 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Step 5:
Dry the dyed strand to see the finished result.

Step 6:
It’s the moment of truth. Love it? Amazing. Follow the instructions included in your box and go for the full transformation. But if it’s not quite right, we’re here to help. Contact us to find a shade that better matches what you’re going for.

Want more tips before you go for the real deal? Watch our videos on how to dye your hair at home, how to cover grays, and so much more.

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