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Nothing makes a fresh cut or multidimensional color stand out more than wavy tresses. Waves also add volume and movement while giving the hair an effortless style. So if your hair has a natural wave to it, lucky you! Still, the right products, tools, and tricks can help accentuate your undulating texture. Whatever your hair type, a simple wavy hair routine is something everyone can pull off.

What Is Considered Wavy Hair?

Before we dive into creating a wavy hair routine, let’s discuss what is considered wavy hair. Hairstylists use a specific Hair Typing System to classify hair into four categories determined by curl type and texture. Wavy hair falls into the Type 2 hair group, which is between straight (Type 1) and curly (Type 2) hair. It ranges from thinner loose locks to thick tight S-shaped waves. Subcategories (A-C) further distill the characteristics of Type 2 hair. 

  • Type 2A: Type 2A hair is straight at the roots but gradually turns into a gentle wave mid-to-tips. As the hair is on the thinner side and tends to get oily, it possesses the loosest wave of the three. However, it’s easy to curl and straighten, so it’s incredibly versatile. 
  • Type 2B: Type 2B hair has a tighter curl pattern starting mid-length. While it’s less oily, it’s still considered low-density in terms of thickness. 
  • Type 2C: Type C has the tightest waves, and they start closer to the roots. However, when styled, more loose waves can be created. This hair type is the thickest of the three and is more prone to frizz. 

Steps for an Easy Wavy Hair Routine

If your hair can be classified as wavy, the following steps are for you! On the other hand, if you have finer tresses but still want to achieve a wavy look, skip to the section “Alternative Wavy Hair Methods to Try” which will show you how to create curls both with hot tools and heatless techniques.

Step 1: Cleanse

Wavy tresses thrive with hydration, so keeping your strands hydrated with Better Natured® Moisturizing Shampoo is vital. It’s formulated with clean synthetic surfactants versus SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate), so you’ll still get that rich and luxurious lather. Other vital ingredients include our signature Triple Plant Milk blend of Coconut, Tahitian Palm, and White Orchid. As a bonus, you’ll love the fresh and exotic fruity-floral fragrance.

Step 2: Condition

The conditioning step shouldn’t be rushed — especially when keeping frizz at bay. Wring the excess water out of your hair before applying a generous amount of Better Natured® Moisturizing Conditioner (it helps with the absorption of the product) mid-shaft to tips. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly. Rinse after one to two minutes.

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Step 3: Apply Product as Needed

When choosing styling products, consider your hair type. 

  • Enhance a Type 2A curl pattern with styling products that will keep the curl longer. 
  • Similar rules apply to Type 2B hair. Since it can be weighed down with too many products, opt for lighter-weight formulas to help boost volume.
  • For 2C hair, use products that seal in moisture to give your locks extra moisture.
Explore Our Collection of Hair Styling Products Here

Better Natured® has the products you need to refine your wavy tresses. Our Beachy Texture Spray adds just enough grit and volume for fresh-from-the-beach waves with a light, brushable hold. Simply shake the bottle and then mist it onto damp hair to boost body and/or throughout dry hair to add texturized volume.

Give your hair a spritz of Better Natured® Hydrating Leave-In Milk to hydrate, soften, detangle, smooth, amp up shine, and protect against your blow dryer’s blast while providing all-day moisture. For the ideal prep step, spray onto clean, damp hair, comb through strands, and style as usual.

Banish oily roots with our non-aerosol 99% naturally-derived* Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder. It’s designed to absorb oil between washes and boost the life of blowouts, and it leaves no trace of white residue behind. Shake before use and then pump onto dry roots or anywhere you want a style refresh. Gently massage or pat powder into the hair using your fingertips, or brush in to blend away any visible powder.

*We hold ourselves to high standards and use the Global ISO Standard 16128 which defines naturally-derived as a plant or mineral derived material and water which is found in nature and has undergone limited processing. In the Better Natured® line, the percent naturally-derived varies from product to product and ranges from 86% to 99%.

Step 4:  Dry

Air drying or blow drying with a diffuser is the easiest way to accentuate your waves. For the former, cup and scrunch any excess water from your hair with a microfiber towel. Apply our texture spray, and let your tresses dry naturally. 

Alternatively, apply a heat protectant such as our Hydrating Leave-In Milk or Heat Styling Lotion before blow drying your hair. Hover the diffuser near your roots to create volume while cupping the hair and drawing it towards the diffuser. 

Step 5: Add a Weekly Conditioning Treatment

Help keep your waves defined and frizzies at bay with Better Natured® Moisture Replenishing Hair Masque. The formula is infused with protective lipids that mimic those found naturally in healthy hair, which gives tresses an epic dose of moisture while taking the struggle out of detangling and making combing easier. 

Alternative Wavy Hair Methods to Try

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Hot Tools or Heatless Waves

One of the most on-trend wavy looks to try is beach waves. They fall between curls and straight tresses and suit nearly every circumstance, work or play. Another desirable aspect of this classic style is that it flatters several hair types, textures, cuts, face shapes, and ages. 

While adding volume and movement to your hair may sound like a job for a pro, the reality is, anyone can easily achieve beach waves hair on their own. Check out our entire post on pulling off this look with hot tools (curling iron or flat iron) or a simple heatless method that can be achieved with braids or a headband. 

How to Do Beach Waves: 3 Methods to Try

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