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A change of seasons is the ideal time to switch up your hair color, and if you’re wondering what’s in this fall, look no further than copper red. While fiery shades are having a moment right now, this vibrant orange-meets-brown hue is one of the most vivid options. Here’s how to get salon-worthy results at home using Better Natured®’s at home hair color. Get ready to turn a few heads!

What Is Copper Red Hair Color?

As the name suggests, copper red hair color bears a resemblance to a gleaming new penny. It has tones of red, orange, and brown, and nearly everyone can pull it off. Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of this hue in your social media feeds lately, and rightfully so. Copper red hair color is both stunning and subtle, embracing the boldness of red but softened by gold and brown hues.

How to Get the Look

If you’ve never dyed your hair red before, check out our post on how to dye your hair ginger, which includes everything you need to know about converting to crimson. There are two main methods to choose from, with one being more subtle than the other.  

All-Over Copper Red Hair

An all-over color application is going to give you the most dramatic results. Our all-in-one hair color kit provides everything you need for salon-quality, professional-level hair color at home — including 100 percent gray coverage. Don’t forget your hair color accessories, either a bottle or bowl and brush, depending on your preferred application method.

To achieve copper red hair color, you’ll want to use some combination of Better Natured® hair color in 8NRG Natural Rose Gold Blonde, 5RR Intense Red, or a warm brown shade like 5WB Light Warm Beige Brown. When mixing up your customized dye, always follow the 1:1 rule: 2 fl. oz./60 ml of color to 2 fl. oz./60 ml of developer. Follow our step-by-step instructions for an all-over color application. The next time you color your tresses, you’ll only need a root touch-up to refresh your look. 

How to Color Your Hair at Home Step-by-Step Instructions

closeup redhead curly hair

Copper Red Highlights

If you’re not ready to go full-blown red or maintenance is a concern, subtle highlights are the way to go. Keep in mind that you can only lift your hair one to two shades with Better Natured® at-home hair color. So, depending on your natural color, you can accent your tresses with a few face-framing highlights. They’re a great way to experiment with a new color while adding more dimension and brightening your face. 

You’ll work with two hair colors: your base shade and the combination of Better Natured® hair colors you choose to make your customized copper red hue. Apply the mixture to virgin, untreated hair. For more highlight help, check out our step-by-step guide on how to give yourself face-framing highlights at home

Maintaining Copper Red Hair 

As stunning as copper red hair is, as with all shades of red, it can be difficult to maintain because it tends to fade quickly. Roots are also more prominent than other hair colors, requiring frequent touch-ups. Don’t let that discourage you from trying this eye-catching hue! Quality color treated hair products can help extend the life of your locks. For more intel, check out our additional tips to keep hair color from fading

Use a Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner

Use Better Natured®’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep your copper red hue from fading as quickly. As with all our shampoos, the formula is SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate) free. Instead, you’ll clean with synthetic surfactants that create a rich and luxurious lather without drying out your color-treated tresses. 

When used together, this dynamic duo helps keep your hair color vibrant for up to nine weeks* while leaving your hair smooth, silky, and less prone to breakage.** Pro tip: Wash and rinse your hair with tepid — not hot — water to help slow the fading process.

*When used as a system with Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo.
**Against combing breakage on damaged hair when using Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.

Color Care Deep Conditioning Balm

Incorporate a Deep Conditioning Treatment

The more hydrated your hair is, the better your coppery red color will look! Give your thirsty strands a little extra TLC a few times a week with our award-winning Color Care Deep Conditioning Balm. It also delivers deep hydration and improves the brilliance, depth, and tone of your color for up to nine weeks.* Hair becomes softer, shinier, and more manageable. 

*When used as a system with Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo two to three times weekly.

Refresh Your Color In Between Sessions

If you incorporated Better Natured® hair color in 8NRG (Natural Rose Gold Blonde) into your customized mixture, give it a refresh with our Rose Gold Refreshing Cream once it starts to fade or look dull. It only takes one to three minutes to restore your color’s vibrancy. Use as frequently as needed to achieve more intense results. 

Use a Heat Protectant

When the hair becomes dry and damaged from over-styling, your color looks lackluster. Protect your tresses from the blast of your blow dryer and the high temps of your hot tools with Better Natured®'s Heat Styling Lotion. It safeguards your locks during drying while controlling frizz for 96 hours.*  It also creates a more long-lasting style by making your hair smooth, shiny, and reshapable. 

*Against combing breakage during heat styling.

Shop All Products for Color Treated Hair

You can use several Better Natured® at home hair color combinations to customize a flattering copper red hair color — but you don’t need to figure yours out on your own. Take our Hair Color Quiz, call us at 1-800-242-9283, or send us a message using our contact form. We’re here to help you achieve a beautiful copper red hue!


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