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Anyone with wavy hair knows that sometimes your strands have a mind of their own. One day you can have beautiful waves, and another, you can’t seem to tame your mane. A loose S-shape defines wavy hair, but it can look straight when wet. It’s susceptible to frizz and puffy tips and tends to tangle easily. Fortunately, you can achieve bouncy, silky smooth tresses when styled correctly, and we’re here to show you how. Here’s how to embrace this hair type using the right products and techniques. You’ve got this!

Prep Your Tresses

Keeping your tresses hydrated is essential to prevent frizziness while giving your waves shape. Start by washing and conditioning your hair with Better Natured®’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to remove excess oils and product buildup while restoring and repairing your strands. 

The styling products you use to prep your hair depends on how you style it. Regardless of your chosen method, you don’t necessarily need squeaky clean tresses. In fact, you may have more success defining your waves with second-day hair. Simply give it a refresh with our dry shampoo powder that’s designed to absorb oil between washes. 

Method 1: Go Au Naturale

No heat? No problem! One of the best ways to embrace your wavy hair type is to go au naturale. Of course, we still have a couple of styling tricks up our sleeves! 

  • Scrunch: Spritz Better Natured®'s Beachy Texture Spray on damp hair and gently scrunch it to help naturally boost body and define your waves. You can also apply it to dry hair to add texturized volume. 

blonde woman braiding her hair

  • Overnight Braids: Apply Better Natured® Hydrating Leave-In Milk to damp tresses to hydrate, soften, detangle, smooth, and amp up shine. Section your hair and create braids. The bigger the sections, the looser the waves — and vice versa. Head to bed, and when you wake up, take out the braids and gently rake your fingers through your hair to separate the sections. 

Method 2: Heat Things Up with Hot Tools

You can use hot tools to achieve defined, long-lasting waves, provided your hair is healthy and hydrated. Remember to give your hair a break occasionally by using one of the heatless methods above. But, if you’re ready to create beautiful waves utilizing hot tools, keep on reading.

  • Diffuse: Diffusing is a technique achieved with a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to streamline the airflow. It reduces drying time, reduces frizz, boosts volume, and defines waves and curls. 

woman using modern hairdryer

Apply a heat protectant such as Better Natured® Heat Styling Lotion to safeguard your tresses from damage* while delivering 96 hours of frizz control and prepping strands for a soft, gorgeous finish that’s smooth, reshapable, and long-lasting. After sectioning your hair, dry each area individually while scrunching your tresses for around 30 seconds before releasing. If you want a more relaxed wave, skip this step. Turn off your dryer before diffusing the next section so you don’t disrupt your waves. 

*Against combing breakage during heat styling.

  • Create Beach Waves: Beach waves are having a moment, and the trend isn’t going anywhere soon! They can be achieved with a curling iron, flat iron, or braids, as mentioned above. Check out our entire post on How to Do Beach Waves, including techniques to make that sea-swept look last. 

Achieve a Wavy Style You’ll Love

No matter which method you use to style your wavy tresses, keep your strands hydrated, healthy, and protected with Better Natured® hair care! Define your waves with our collection of hair styling products!

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