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Whether you’ve always had a chill beauty routine or you’re looking to achieve a more effortless look, the reality is low-maintenance has been and always will be a good idea. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking a marvelous mauve (and we highly encourage it!), you can still dial things back without sacrificing head-turning color. Here are three easy-yet-impactful ways to achieve easy breezy hair color at home.

3 Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas to Try


Balayage is a hand-painted highlighting technique that creates a more natural and less uniform result than traditional foiled highlights. It’s also easier to enhance or soften facial features. This trend started appearing over the last few years and isn’t going anywhere too soon — and with good reason. Balayage is suitable for all hair shades and types and is easy to keep up (say “goodbye” to six-week touch-ups). It can easily be dialed up or down, lightening and brightening without looking unnatural. 

Shadow Root

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Applying a darker hue at the crown — typically a shade close to your natural color — is an easy way to make any hair color more manageable while providing depth and dimension. Its distinctive characteristic is the transition from one tone to another, creating an illusion of a subtle shadow. There are several benefits, including: 

  • It’s easier to grow out natural hair color to a longer length. 
  • Consider it an excellent option for those who don’t want to change their hair color dramatically but still want a polished look.
  • Any hair length or hair color can pull it off.  
  • Adds dimension that accentuates a variety of haircuts and styles. 
  • No need to worry about the distinct growing-out phase when your regrowth appears darker than your colored or highlighted hair. 

Check out our entire step-by-step post on how to do a shadow root at home

Expensive Brunette

Expensive brunette is a hair color with purposeful dimension. It relies on a mix of highs and lows that stay within one or two hues of the base color for a low-maintenance yet elevated look. Picture light and medium brown tones with a hint of gold worthy of the Red Carpet. You can achieve the expensive brunette look with a combination of highlights, lowlights, or even the balayage technique. 

Does this sound like a low-maintenance look you’d like to try? Here’s how to pull off expensive brunette on your own

Maintain Your Low-Maintenance Hair Color

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