HAIR COLOR 5 Questions to Ask Before Coloring Your Hair

by Lindsay Kustich

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Whether you’re coloring your hair at home or in a salon, here are the questions you need answered before you commit.

We get it – taking the color plunge is a major commitment. Which is why we’re always on call to hold your hand through the process, whether it’s your first rodeo or your 20th. But even if you’re a seasoned at-home color expert, questions will still arise. Which is why we’ve asked the Better Natured team to bring you answers to the most-asked -- and the most important to ask -- questions before starting the hair dye process.

Five Important Questions To Get Answered Before Coloring Your Hair

1. What does color cost?

One of the most popular questions that comes up in regards to coloring your hair is the price associated with it. And of course, it’ll vary depending on what you’re after. With in-salon treatments, you could look at anywhere from $100-$500, or even more, depending on your location and the type of treatment you choose. For example, a single process (one color) might be in the lower price range, whereas highlights in New York City will most likely be on the higher end.

When it comes to at-home color, you’ll definitely be spending less – in fact, it often costs a fraction of the price of an in-salon treatment. One Better Natured hair color kit costs $25 and includes your color, developer, and application accessories to make achieving gorgeous at-home color easy!

2. What is the upkeep for at-home color?

With permanent at-home hair dye, like the Better Natured Liqui-Creme Color, maintaining your color depends on a few things: how vibrant you want your color to remain, how well you take care of it, and how quickly your hair grows. On average, most people cover their roots around 4-8 weeks, with all-over color lasting around three months or longer.

3. What shampoo/conditioner should I use on dyed hair?

When you color your hair, you want to look for a shampoo and conditioner that’s gentle enough to not strip your hair of its pigment, while also being hydrating and replenishing enough to nurture your dyed strands. Better Natured’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner were developed specifically with color treated hair in mind. Use in combination with the  Color Care Conditioning Balm to keep your shade vibrant for up to 9 weeks. The best part: they’re formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens and other harsh ingredients that can strip your strands!

4. Will it cover my grays?

Most permanent hair dye, including Better Natured Liqui-Creme Color, will cover your grays. 94% of women who tried our formula agree that the coverage is sufficient. Of course, as your roots grow out, your grays may peek through, so we recommend keeping a root touch up spray on hand, or even dipping into a similar shade of eye shadow or brow powder and brushing it into your roots.

5. What can I do to make my hair color last longer?

To get the most out of your color, proper maintenance is key. Aside from making sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner, as mentioned above, it’s also important to use the right styling products and protect your hair when necessary.

Before heat styling, always coat your hair with a heat protectant, like the Better Natured Heat Styling Lotion. This way, you’re helping to protect your hair from temperatures that can cause damage and alter the pigments.

And always remember that conditioning treatments are your best friend. Once a week, try replacing your regular conditioner with a deep or color-correcting conditioner, like the Better Natured Color Correcting Creme. This formula comes in three shades to help maintain your hair’s ideal tone.

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