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While the wacky, overblown styles of the‘80s might seem way too intense for the 2020s, flat, boring hair is hardly any better. Today’s fashion icons, from supermodels to first ladies, have opted for a look that involves plenty of texture but falls well short of the oversized styles of the past.

With just a bit of dimension and shine, you can add texture to your hair and boost your entire appearance. Not only is texture remarkably transformative, but it's also relatively easy to attain. Here are my six simple tips for adding texture to hair.

Maximize the Effects of Blow-Drying

A thorough blow-drying is always the first step in a wonderful hair day. To really make the most of your blow-drying efforts, try adding a volume amplifying product to your roots before you switch on the drier. This simple step will give your hair the lift it needs to increase its dimensions.

Try Some Creative Curling

These days, it seems we’re all aiming for that wavy, beachy hairstyle that comes from long summer days spent splashing around beneath the sun. As long as you’ve got a curling iron, you can attain this dazzling style without getting anywhere near the ocean. While curling all your hair usually qualifies as overkill in this day and age, some strategic curling in the middle of your strands will give you just the wavy look you’re after. Leaving the roots and the ends untouched emphasizes the subtle, elegant beauty in the middle of your hair.

Use Pomade to Add Structure

The methodical use of pomade is a great way to add a little dimension to your hair. By taking a small dollop in your fingers and carefully teasing it into the middle of your strands, you can create those bumps and waves that bespeak easy elegance. If you really want to get bold, try scrunching up your ends to produce a truly rugged style.

Add a Mattifying Texture Powder

Styling with braids and updos is one of the best ways to add texture to hair, but some flat, gripless hair can be difficult to maneuver. Adding a small pinch of mattifying texture powder will give your hair the grip it needs for more intricate styling.

Try Traditional Hairspray

While you might not be after ‘80s-style hair, you can still benefit from that decade's most notorious beauty product. Not only will a moderate amount of hairspray add some serious texture, but it will also make your hair much easier to work and style.

Use a Salt-Infused Spray

Salt has long been one of the best natural ways to add texture to hair.

Now, with products like the Beachy Texture Spray from Better Natured, you can enjoy the effects of sea salt right in your landlocked home. The carefully considered mixture of ingredients, is like salty air in a bottle, and will give your hair that casual, imperfect texture that warms the soul and enlivens the spirit.

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