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While there’s nothing wrong with rocking silver strands or blending gray hair, aging gracefully doesn’t mean you have to forgo all-over color. Perhaps you’re asking yourself which colors are the most flattering when you’re 50-plus. No rule book outlines which shades you should or should not use. As long as you consider a few things before mixing up your dye, you can keep your tresses looking vibrant and fresh in your 50s and beyond.

For starters, you should determine your hair color level, and it happens before the color even touches your hair. Your hair’s level is a number that represents how light or dark your shade is. When you choose a hair color, the shade you select will differ based on the level of your hair currently and where you want to go. Keep in mind that Better Natured®’s at-home hair color lifts your hair 1-2 levels from your base level.

Next, consider how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Also, are you looking to cover up a lot of silver strands? Check out our post on how to cover gray hair at home!

Whether you want to switch up your color or try a new hue, here’s how to cover gray and slay the Better Natured® way. 

Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50

If we may set the literal and proverbial tone for this next section, Better Natured® was featured in a piece from the magazine First for Women titled, “I’m a Professional Colorist and Here’s Why This Shade of Blonde Is Perfect for Women Over 50 This Summer!” It highlights our at-home hair color in shades 8G Golden Blonde and 8NRG Natural Rose Gold Blonde. Along with emphasizing the unique qualities of each shade, the fab mag spoke about how our dyes contain hair-hydrating and nourishing coconut oil to reverse brittleness. Who couldn’t get on board with that? Read on to learn more about these hues and others that flatter in your 50s. 

8g hair color


1. Golden Blonde (8G)

Golden Blonde features velvety-golden tones that give you a dazzling sun-kissed shade of blonde.

  • Recommended for: dark blonde to blonde hair.
  • Note: When covering gray, the white hairs will cover to a level 8 Golden Blonde.
  • Tip: Add 8G to 8NRG to kick up the Golden tones. First for Women suggests mixing equal parts of 8G to 8NRG (Natural Rose Gold Blonde) to achieve the most natural-looking strawberry blonde.

2. Natural Rose Gold Blonde (8NRG)

Natural Rose Gold Blonde is a great choice if you want to warm up your look. This strawberry blonde shade will give you a gorgeous, flirty glow.

  • Recommended for: dark blonde to blonde hair.
  • Note: When covering gray, the white hairs will cover to a level 8, Blonde.
  • Tip: Energize dull-ashy gray hair with a few 8NRG lowlights.

3. Lightest Natural Blonde (10N)

Watch your hair illuminate the room with this delicate blonde-est of blonde shade.

  • Recommended for: blonde to light blonde hair.
  • Note: When covering gray, the white hairs will cover to a level 10 Lightest Natural Blonde.
  • Tip: Going lighter than two levels could cause a warmer blonde result.

4. Blue Ash Blonde (8BA)

Embrace the gray with the coolest take on the silver trend, and be bold (and cool) with this smoky silver-ash!

  • Recommended for: dark blonde to blonde hair.
  • Note: Applied to a lighter level or high percentage of gray will result in more intense blue-gray tones. For a balanced, natural-looking gray hair coverage result, add 6N to your color formula.
  • Tip: 8BA is an awesome go-to for lightening light brunette/darkest blondes two levels while simultaneously cooling off unwanted warmth before adding highlights.

5. Light Ash Brown (5A)

Light Ash Brown can help you achieve that trendy mushroom brunette hue. It’s also desirable if you just want to tone down the warmth in your hair.

  • Recommended for: dark brown and light brown hair or 100% gray coverage.
  • Tip: When going lighter, stay within two levels for optimal cool results.

6. Light Golden Brown (5G)

Give your tresses an infusion of warmth and shine for a subtle yet radiant golden brunette shade.

  • Recommended for: dark brown to light brown hair or 100% gray coverage.
  • Tip: Add 5G to 5RR for a customized Red-Gold shade.
5n hair color


7. Natural Brown (5N)

This stunning and always-in-style hue is ideal when you crave a natural-looking brunette shade.

  • Recommended for: dark brown to light brown hair or 100% gray coverage.
  • Tip: Add a little 5WB to 5N for a kiss of warmth.

8. Medium Natural Red-Violet Brown (5N)

Look no further for a ravishing burgundy-red brunette shade that’s sure to bring out your playful side.

  • Recommended for: dark brown to medium brown hair or up to 50% gray hair.
  • Note: For use on 75%-100% gray hair, add 4N.
  • Tip: Add 4VV to kick up the violet tones.

You can switch up your hair color at any age, so don’t be afraid of change. Just remember to identify your hair color level first so you can choose the most flattering hue for you. Check out our other posts on how to keep your hair color from fading and how to extend your hair color at home!

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