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After years of providing people with custom, high-quality hair color, Color&Co closed. Although many people who used their service are not sure what to do next, Better Natured has several solutions. To find the perfect color, follow this quick guide.

Understanding Color Levels

Color&Co used special formulas that included L'Oreal products. The company used standard hair color labeling in terms of levels. Colors are between level 1 and level 10, and they are usually displayed on the color bottle. Higher numbers indicate a lighter color. For example, 10 is an ultra-light blonde color. One is a black color. If you are looking for a similar color to the one you used from Color&Co, look on your receipt or color bottle. Use the list in the next section to find the right color.

Matching Your Color&Co Number with Better Natured Color

The following list of Color&Co level numbers correspond with Better Natured's color options in the same level:

10 - Lightest Natural Blonde 10N

9 - Light Natural Blonde 9N

8 - Medium Blonde 8N 8G 8NRG 8BA

7 - Dark Blonde 7N 7A 7WB

6 - Light Brown 6N 6A 6G 6WB

5 - Medium Brown 5N 5A 5G 5WB

4 - Dark Brown 4N 4NVR 4VV

3 - Darkest Brown 3N 3V

2 - Natural Black 2N 2V

1 - Black 1N 1V

Hair Color Chart - Better Natured

Choosing the Right Tone

In the previous list, you will notice that there are multiple options next to some colors. The N represents the most neutral form of the color, R is for rose or red, and G is for gold. Ash colors are noted with an A. The V represents violet. With Better Natured colors, WB represents warm beige tones. If you used a Color&Co color to get rid of brassiness or reddish tones, you may have had an ash color to neutralize it. Fortunately, Better Natured makes it easy to find the right color level and tone for your needs with the hair color quiz on our website. The quiz is similar to the process Color&Co used to help people find their ideal level and tone. Better Natured uses quality ingredients, and its vegan hair color products do not contain many of the harsh chemicals that box dye companies typically use.

Caring for Your Color

Finding the right color may seem like the difficult part, but Better Natured makes it easy. After that, the key is to protect your color. Better Natured sells color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. If you want to tone brassy brown hair, there is also blue color-correcting cream. There is purple color-correcting cream if you want to tone blonde hair that has too much warmth. Also, you can find rose gold toning cream. You may also like the deep-conditioning balm and leave-in treatments. Check out our shop for everything you need.

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