HAIR COLOR New Hue, New You: Top Hair Color Trends for 2021

by Better Natured

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There’s nothing like a new year to spark the desire for change, starting with the reflection greeting us in the mirror. Hair is our most transformative feature, but if you’re loving your cut or committed to your style, a hair color refresh could be just the ticket.

Better Natured™ got the skinny on the latest must-have shades from top salon color experts in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The good news from the pros is that these end-looks, from minor tweaks to major transformations, are achievable with the 26 shades in the brand’s Liqui-Crème Hair Color range.

Bronde Brombshell

Amanda George, celebrity colorist, owner of ROIL Salon in Beverly Hills, and #betternaturedpartner predicts without hesitation that one of the year’s top hair color trends will be blondes going bronde. Take her word for it because nobody speaks blonde better than a top L.A. colorist.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that high-maintenance hair color isn’t always achievable. As a result we became more root-tolerant – of ourselves and of others, too. All-over blondes used to root touchups every four weeks in the before times, became accustomed to edgier, imperfect looks with visible dark roots. Going bronde helpfully extends the time between color applications, in addition to adding depth and dimension.

According to George, the ideal candidate is a grown-out level 8-10 blonde with a slightly darker root. “Applying Better Natured™ Liqui-Crème Hair Color in 7WB (medium warm beige blonde) will create the desired bronde vibe that’s neither ash nor gold.” She recommends appyling the color to clean, dry roots for 15 minutes and then misting the midlengths and ends with water before combing the rest of the color through for the last 10-15 minutes.

For a more even, seamless finish, George likes to really work the color through each section with her gloved fingers, really saturating every section. When it’s time to rinse out the product she uses Better Natured™ Color Care Shampoo to extend the life of the color and increase the shine and vibrancy. She then finishes with Better Natured™ Color Refreshing Cream in Rose Gold “for the freshest color of 2021.”

Las Vegas-based celebrity colorist and #betternaturedpartner Shelley Gregory seconds that prediction. For highlighted and high-lift blondes, incorporating a mix of warm sandy and cool beige tones is the perfect way to channel a “sun-kissed on the slopes” look. “A caramel bronde keeps you bright but not dependent on a rigorous beauty schedule,” she says, “and grows out softly.” Gregory further suggests that “adding shades like 6G, 8G or 7WB to blondes warms up even the palest skin tones and adds richness.”

In addition to bronde ambitions, NYC-based Better Natured style expert and #betternaturedpartner Jennifer MacDougall also sees an upswing in requests for golden blondes during cold, grey East Coast winters. “Like adding a touch of honey, golden blonde shades soften every complexion,” she says, “plus they keep the hair healthy by not pushing darker levels too light.”

The look can be achieved in many ways according to MacDougall, from “using a level 6G blonde on a natural level 4 or a level 8G on a natural level 7.” For a quick pick-me-up she recommends applying these honeyed hues as highlights around the face brighten dull color. Lastly, MacDougall reminds us to “always keep those golden shades shiny with a little Better Natured™ Fresh Dry Shampoo Powder and use the Color Care Deep Conditioning Balm once a week.”

Red Haute

The next hair color trend coming in hot is red. Our color pros cited multiple reasons why more women are opting for these bold shades – from a desire for big change and more fun to inspiration from a certain hit show featuring a red-headed chess phenom. What’s clear is that from copper to cinnamon, all shades of red are having a moment.

According to MacDougall, “people are trying reds and coppers to brighten up their hair” which works particularly well for cooler skin tones. For those who are copper curious she recommends a root shadow technique. If you are a level 3-5, apply 4RV Medium Natural Red Violet Brown to regrowth and blend into Intense Red 5RR from mid-lengths through the ends.

Gregory too sees the post-2020 shift to red. “People are changing careers and following their dreams, and the one color they finally want to try is red,” she says. Because red hues tend to fade quickly she recommends matching the shade to your lifestyle. “Vibrant shades like Intense Red 5RR are higher maintenance than a softer red like Natural Rose Gold Blonde 8NRG that could pass as your own,” Gregory counsels.

Both experts agree that using color-safe shampoo and conditioner are a must to prevent fading and maintain shine. And because dry ends are particularly noticeable on redheads, they recommend keeping Better Natured™ Moisture Replenishing Masque in the shower. If your hair is thick or coarse, use this rich, hydrating treatment every time you wash to drench your ends with an epic dose of hydration. For finer hair, apply to ends once per week, avoiding mid-lengths and roots.

Not-So-Basic Brown

Brown boasts more shades than any other color. Chestnut. Dark chocolate. Macchiato. Toasted Almond. The list goes on. And according to MacDougall, “classic brunettes are increasingly in demand.”

Why? She points out that “natural, rich browns are an ideal middle ground” between the extremes of blonde and red, and also suit the broadest range of women and skin tones. Particular favorites are chocolate and lush walnut tones. “They’re less maintenance which fits our lifestyle these days.”

For natural levels 5-7 with warm skin tones the colorist recommends using Better Natured™ Liqui-Crème Hair Color in 6N Dark Natural Blonde or 7WB Medium Warm Beige Blonde to comfortably achieve a luxurious brunette result. Both offer impeccable gray coverage and deliver even, all-over color that radiates with healthy shine.

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